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The Daily Freeman

Plans for Midtown Kingston building include historic designation, 8 apartments, art gallery
The Daily Freeman
Kingston Architect Scott Dutton said the owners of the building at 609 Broadway are seeking to have the three-story brick building placed on the National Register of Historic Places. An application with the building's historical accounting compiled by ...

Ribbon may have run out for India's typewriters
Salt Lake Tribune
At 15 rupees a page, or about 20 cents, that barely pays for transportation to work, typewriter ribbons and an occasional tuneup from the complex's last typewriter repairman. For the typists, things only get busy when all the computers are in use, or ...

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Fox News

For India's typewriters, the ribbon may have finally run out
Fox News
NEW DELHI The end is coming, though admittedly it may not look that way at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, when dozens of young Indians have arrived for morning classes at Anand Type, Shorthand and Keypunch College, and every battered Remington ...

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Typewriters Plus still surviving in a world of computers
After apprenticing for a television repair shop as a high school senior, Courter worked for 13 years installing and servicing cash registers, across the state and beyond its borders. That led to a job repairing and servicing typewriters and copying ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Bakery in Prior Lake invites you to write a valentine the old-fashioned way on a typewriter
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Thus, the dozen or so sources listed for typewriter ribbon. (The typewriter ribbon being a woven tape infused with ink that, when struck by a metal letter, transfers the symbol to paper. While it makes no sound, it can stain your fingers blue.) Steger ...

Wichita Eagle

For 125 years, this bookstore has sold fridges, flags - and books
Wichita Eagle
There is even the 1905 brass cash register on which only an Anderson could approve store credit. A more modern credit card reader is relegated to the back counter. The building itself was the first J.C. Penney store in Kansas and opened in 1916 at ...

Gainesville Times

Georgians turning to simplicity of typewriters amid digital overload
Gainesville Times
Its keys are stuck and the ribbon dried out decades ago, but Dale Hoberg still loves his dad's old typewriter. After making at least two cross-country trips from Pennsylvania to California to Georgia, the century-old Underwood typewriter has seen ...

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